Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Ahhh, Dexter, how I enjoy your dreadful darkness!! So far this year, I have read the first four in the Dexter series, Darkly Dreaming Dexter, Dearly Devoted Dexter, Dexter in the Dark, and Dexter by Design. Jeff Lindsay brings to life a villain that I had not thought to identify with. And yet, I found myself rooting for a serial killer, hoping that he would get his next victim and escape detection. Now you may think that makes me sound like a psychopath. Let me assure you, I have no intention of grabbing the nearest kitchen knife and going out on the town. However, the way Dexter is written you can't help but cheer for him. Yes, he is a serial killer. But he only kills people who "deserve" it. He reserves his knives for the dregs of society: the rapists, the child molesters, murderers (a bit ironic). Ok, justifications aside, let me review the books!
The first and second one I couldn't put down. I read them each in one night. They were super exciting! The third one is where I felt that Lindsay sort of jumped ship. In the previous two, you learn about Dexter, his "dark passenger," and about two new serial killers in the Miami area. The third one suddenly goes into the realm of the super natural. And then in the fourth, Dexter goes back to being good old Dexter without a mention of what occurred in the third book!! It was incredibly difficult to get over that little hump. That being said, I'm leaving the fifth book on my shelf for a bit before I delve back into the darkness that resides in Dexter's head. Lindsay writes with incredible wit, intelligence, and charm, and other than the plot of the third novel, I have really really enjoyed this series! The links to all the books are above!

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