Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Katherine Howard book!!

Well, I decided since the realm of historical fiction really angers me when it comes to Katherine Howard, I would read a non fiction book about her. I wasn't disappointed. This particular book is a reprint of a 1961 publication. While it is 49 years old, this book is actually still fairly current. We know about as much about her now as they did then. Perhaps a few new tidbits were discovered, but for the most part, it still holds true. Catherine Howard: The Queen Whose Adulteries Made a Fool of Henry VIII was a fantastic read. Smith's writing made me feel like I was reading a novel rather than a non fiction book. I really appreciated this approach (much like Fraser's approach to her biography on Marie Antoinette). The book is fairly small, only about 180 pages, but those pages are packed with great information. Katherine Howard was Henry VIII's fifth wife, and while we don't know for sure how old she was (some historians say as young as 16, others 21-22), we know that it must have been super overwhelming for a young woman to go to the court of the king, catch his eye, and become his wife within six months. A lot of this book is conjecture. We can't know anything for certain about certain areas of Katherine's life. Smith does a wonderful job trying to connect the dots of our limited knowledge. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to look into this young lady's life. All Tudorphiles should read this one!! You can find it on Amazon!

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