Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reading books

I read constantly. Reading is a great escape. When you delve into a good book, it can take you anywhere in the world. I've been reading books since I was four years old, and I haven't stopped!! When I read a really fantastic book, I have to talk about it to someone, anyone. Most of my friends don't read, or if they do, the books they pick up aren't something that I would read. So what did I do?? Create a blog! Where I can talk about different books I have read, get opinions from others, and share my genuine love of books and knowledge.

I'm really into history, so a lot of what I read revolves around different parts of history that I enjoy. I also read a lot of random things. I'm a member of the Good Reads community, and if you are really into books, I suggest heading over there and joining up!

This year, I have presented a challenge to myself: read 60 books by the end of December. I'm currently working on my 37th. So, I have a lot of material to start blogging about!!!

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